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Adds upgrade options to every outfit in the game. Dress the way you want while actually improving the balance of the game.

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Adds upgrade options to nearly every outfit in the game. Dress the way you want while actually improving the balance of the game. Modular armor is still better in the long run because of legendary effects, but upgraded outfits are great for stealth play or just looking cool. They are also great to use if you want to protect your settlers without making them look like a militia.

Requires Far Harbor, Nuka World, and Automatron.

Outfits that take up armor slots now have access to the following upgrades with the right perks:

Ballistic Weave (Unlocks the same way as before)

In addition to those upgrades, one of the following can also be added to nearly every outfit:

Lead lined
Ultra Light
Refracting (Stealth boy effect)

All upgrades have loose mods, which can be put on outfits of a similar nature. Hazmat upgrades work on all hazmat varients, suit upgrades can be transfered to any other suit, and so on.

All upgrades also update the name of the outfit in-game, just like the vanilla game does with armor and weapons. Example: "Leather Lined Pocketed Hazmat Suit"

No exploits, no balance issues, lore friendly. You no longer will feel forced to join the Railroad to unlock ballistic weave. Ballistic weave cannot be put on underarmor or hats.

Note: This is a simpler version of Clothing Balance Overhaul. I decided to just upload a separate file rather than break support for creation club stuff on that mod.
Biggest difference is that this mod has loose mod attachments for every outfit type, and only contains upgrades for regular oufits (so no hats, masks, etc)

It's the most vanilla-like experience as far as clothing upgrade mods go. (If you know of others let me know so I can use them myself!) If you want tons of options and don't care about balance, there are far more in depth mods.

The amount of work I did to keep this vanilla-like was unhealthy for how simple the final product is. The mod contains over 1600 records, each of which had to be made by hand. 25 outfit types, each one has 13 different upgrades. That's 13 loose mods, 13 object effects, and 13 crafting recipes per outfit type. Each possible combination of upgrades also has it's own entry for naming.