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A modification of Enemy textures.

Further shading added to relevant areas, general grime such as blood and muck added, colors adjusted and built upon to add a general appearance of sickness and disease to many.

Permissions and credits
Critters Of The Waste Redone

This modification builds on the current textures for wasteland animals adding blood, grime, and general diseased and putrid look with added textures and color.

A quick run down:

Currently working on: Further alterations to Radstag, possibly cutting file size.

UPDATE: Part 2 of 2 was causing a crash to desktop issue due to some files used for the new Supermutant textures. This issue should now be fixed. 

Standalone Deathclaw texture uploaded.

Correct Bloatfly textures uploaded

*It's important you disable and then remove the mod from your game prior to downloading/installing the new versions, via your mod manager or manually if that is how you installed.*

Deathclaw (default variant) 
Texture altered to incorporate lizard skin/ armor plating. Skin tone altered and slight texture added, Horns given bone texture as well as appropriate color change, some further facial detail added, slight shading added to armor plates as well as skin creases.  

Yao-Guai (default variant)
Shading on remaining fur as well as slight dirt added to these areas. Skin given a more raw appearance alongside greater color and further texturing to give the look a wild and insane beast.

Slight base color alteration for a darker appearance. As well as this, muscle definition has been brought out further, especially on the  torso, legs and arms. Detailed patches of rough, cracked and flaking skin added. Colored small patches of spots. Armor and clothing has also been detailed further, with more rust patches added to metallic pieces, as well as old chipped paint on some surfaces. Clothing given a general grimy and dirt ridden appearance.

Supermutant Behemoth ✓
Further shading into the muscle definition on the Behemoth. Slight blood and grime added to body, legs and clothing. A more green/yellow tint to the skin. Slight texture added on top of the default to give the appearance of thick, rock like skin surface. Slight rusted texture added to fire hydrant weapon.

Ghouls ( 9 Variants ) ✓
Textures altered for all ghoul types. More blood, more gore, flaky, cracked and damaged skin textures added to add subtle detail.
General diseased look as well as puss spots added to skin of some ghouls.

Alien ✓
Altered appearance to match that of the aliens seen in Fallout 3 dlc.
The look has been altered to be fitting with the circumstances you find the alien in.
General wear has been added to the suit, Blood added from the injuries resulting from the crashed ship, Black eye added.

FEV Hound ✓
Added darker shading to the hound, especially working on muscle definition.
General dirt added to the texture as well as blood and scratches around the face, body and legs, fit for a beast being beaten around by super mutants and humans day in - day out.

Brahmin and Radstag ✓
Colors altered slightly to a more natural skin and fur tone.
Damaged skin has been reddened and had further textures added to give the appearance of extreme irritation, infection and illness.

Molerat (/ Brood mother / Carnivore / Glowing) ✓
Skin given a more irritated appearance, further work on shadowed areas to give greater contrast, added more muck as well to give a more noticeable and intimidating look.

Mirelurk and Mirelurk Hunters ✓
Colors altered slightly to add further contrast, Brighter coloring added to carapace, as well as blending into darker colors to bring in line with natural crab colors for attracting mates, muck and grime added.

Radscorpions ( 8 variants ) ✓
Added further shading to the armored plates on the scorpion, Slight coloring added to the head areas as well as the edges of some other plates to accentuate angles .

Sting Wings and Bloatfly ✓ (Correct Bloatfly files uploaded 20/12/15 sorry Jester!)
Slight alterations to the default Bloatfly and stingwings Higher contrast appearance, more neutral tone in line with natural coloring.

Very slight change to the base color. Darker shading added to exposed carapace. Slight texture added to carapace.

Crow ✓
Added blood to the crow texture as well as dirt.

File Part 1 Contains :
Alien, Bloatfly, Brahmin, Crow, FEVhound, Mirelurk, Mirelurk Queen Spawn, Molerat , Radstag, StingWing

File Part 2 Contains : Ghouls , Radscorpions , Super Mutants , Super Mutant Behemoth , Yao-Guai , Radroach

The file has been split into two after I encountered an issue with uploading the entire thing.

It's important you remove the mod from your game prior to downloading/installing the new versions, via your mod manager or manually if that is how you installed.

If you find any particular texture offends your taste, then you can navigate to your texture folder and delete the creature in question. "Data > Textures > Actor"