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Make your weapons visible on your character including mods without any extra manipulations.

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Presentation :

Make your weapons visible on your character without any extra manipulation 
Works only on player and followers

/!\ WARNING /!\
The vanilla favorite system doesn't work with this mod. It lead to unworking weapons then CTD.
Use the Fo4 Hotkeys mod instead to use a working favorite system.

(videos made in development state)

Installation :

Put the esp anywhere you want in your load order
Meshes directory: Don't let the custom skeleton be overwritten. It contains all new required bones to work properly.

Known bugs :

Visual glitch can happen (Weapon stay at their position / multiple unfollowing copies)
Simply jump or draw your weapon.

Visible weapons are deleted when you fast travel, load door or use moveto function. This is normal because I made it like this until I found a fix.

My Other Mods :

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