Fallout 4
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Add "Ak5C - A Nordic Relic" by asXas to HORIZON

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Add "Ak5C - A Nordic Relic" by asXas to HORIZON 1.7x
esp replacer

add condition, experimentation lab, fire mode etc...
tweak damage , requirement for mod attachement to fit horizon better

not added to vendor list or market trading terminal,
you can aquire the gun like in the original mod by following a quest started by reading a note in the third rail in goodneighbor
the 2 unique variant are still here, refer to original mod (those uniques are not experimentable, only the standard version is)

I tried  to keep everything i can from original mod,
only exception are:
-removed Surstromming ammo and ability to craft them
-quest "something smell fishy" removed
-surstomming mag just add little poisoning effect (no more surstomming effect / paralize and works with normal ammo)
-mora knife (used to craft bayonet) and ak5c won't spawn on random npc (if you want the knife, you can steal one from the third rail)
-rotten fish and surstromming can should spawn on food vendor but not on npc (need more testing), not a big deal, you'll get some from first quest and like in the original mod, you can craft surstromming can in cooking station
-rotten fish is only used to craft surstomming can, surstromming can is only used to craft 2 attachement for the gun

like the original mod, some of the attachement are not lore friendly, if it bothers you, simply don't use them.

i think that's all, first time uploading, tell me if you find bugs or requirement too low / high

like any other horizon weapon patches, you need to download and install first:
- Horizon 1.7x by zawinul
- Ak5c - A Nordic Relic by asXas v1.2
all credits goes to them

special thanks to chrislor2882  for helping me understand how to make such a patch