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Add "Ak5C - A Nordic Relic" and "cross break action laser" to HORIZON

Permissions and credits
updated to horizon 1.8
NEW CROSS BreakActionLaser ( would really like some feedback!! )
Ak5c: updated crafting materials and requirements
v1.8b updated "updated version" ..sorry i missed an outdated material, did a bit of cleaning too, also changed ingestible to only make you sick and
not die

CROSS_BreakActionLaser by Niero v091b3
only obtainable with market terminal,  unique institute version in the institute (with blue lazer muzzle only aesthetic)
not lootable so no need for condition
no laser color menu cause conflict with grenade launcher
no ammo menu (only fusion cell) cause conflict with how the weapon works (script for ammo used per shot)
no firemode cause noneed

all 3 muzzle works with energyweapon skill (in horizon, damage of pulsegrenade doesnt increase with explosive skill)

base damage for     shotgun muzzle SCATTER 80  , use 3cells, mag 4    (damage reflect between 3 cells and 1.5 heavycell)
                  sniper           DISCHARGER 120, use 4        , mag 3    (damage reflect 2heavycells)
                                  grenade                 LOBBER 150, use 8        , mag 1    (damage reflect pulse grenade)

changed damage, ammo usage, mag size, crafting material and requirement
added "barrel" to customization, just standard and one other, maybe more in the future..

 "Ak5C - A Nordic Relic" by asXas v1.2
 SUSHICID3has a more traditional patch for this weapon without the quest and uniques if you prefer ( not 100% sure but i think Surstromming mags
effects are not tweaked, at least not like in my patch)

add condition, experimentation lab, fire mode etc...
tweak damage , requirement for mod attachement to fit horizon better

not added to vendor list or market trading terminal,
you can aquire the gun like in the original mod by following a quest started by reading a note in the third rail in goodneighbor
the 2 unique variant are still here, refer to original mod (those uniques are not experimentable, only the standard version is)

I tried  to keep everything i can from original mod,
only exception are:
-removed Surstromming ammo and ability to craft them
-quest "something smell fishy" removed
-surstomming mag just add little poisoning effect (no more surstomming effect / paralize and works with normal ammo)
-mora knife (used to craft bayonet) and ak5c won't spawn on random npc (if you want the knife, you can steal one from the third rail)
-rotten fish and surstromming can should spawn on food vendor but not on npc (need more testing), not a big deal, you'll get some from first quest and like in the original mod, you can craft surstromming can in cooking station
-rotten fish is only used to craft surstomming can, surstromming can is only used to craft 2 attachement for the gun

NEW 1.8b : rotten fish and surstromming can only make you sick like other food in horizon. rotten fish can be crafted with mirelurk meat, updated surs mag damage from 1 to 3 poison

like the original mod, some of the attachement are not lore friendly, if it bothers you, simply don't use them.

thanks to
zawinul for HORIZON
asXas for ak5c a nordic relic
Niero for CROSS_BreakActionLaser
all credits goes to them

special thanks to chrislor2882  for helping me understand how to make such a patch