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Replaces the male-centric intro cinematic to a female perspective. Lore Friendly!

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A L T E R N A T E   F E M A L E   C I N E M A T I C   I N T R O

I think "Nora" provides a more compelling play-through on a narrative level and I wanted the start of the game to reflect this.

This new intro replaces the default Fallout 4 cinematic that plays before character creation. It provides a lore friendly alternative for those who want to play the game from the female sole survivor's perspective. I recycled "Nora's" in-game dialogue and added it to a new re-cut cinematic that reflects her background. I tried to keep the original tone and narrative flow in this.


  • Backup Bethesda's cinematic by saving Intro.bk2 found in "...fallout 4/Data/Video" elsewhere.
  • Download Intro.bk2
  • Copy and past to path "...fallout 4/Data/Video"
  • Overwrite
  • Start up FO4 and enjoy!

Music is from the talented Sam Yung; check him out on youtube!