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You know those Fragmentation Grenade MIRV's from Nuka-World DLC? It's like those, but with a whole lot more boom. Read the description for more info.

Permissions and credits
In the Nuka-World DLC, there are these rare grenades called Fragmentation Grenade MIRV's that are really cool and fun to use, but really a pain to acquire.  You only find them on the raider faction leaders after you kill them.  No where else.  And you can't craft them.  Kinda lame right?  I thought so too.  Oh, what IS a Fragmentation Grenade MIRV you may ask?  It's a grenade and after you throw it, it breaks into 5 separate grenades for 5 times the fun.  So a long while back, I made a little mod for myself, so that they could be crafted on the chem station, like other grenades, and I have been having all kinds of fun with them.  Today, I decided that I would share that fun, but I'm kicking it up to the next level (cuz I'm cool like that).

Today I give you NUKA Grenade MIRV's.  They work just like the Frag ones, but break into 3 separate Nuka Grenades for 3 times the boom.  They are craft-able at the chem station like other grenades and will require demo 4 and science 4 perks.  

But wait, there's more.  I made the vanilla Nuka Grenades craft-able as well as the Frag Grenade MIRV's.  Cause blowing stuff up is fun, right?  I thought so too.

Mod Requirements:
Nuka-World DLC

This mod is only going to conflict with any mod that alters the Fragmentation Grenade MIRV record.  Personally, I'm running 200+ plugins and not one touch that record, so the chances of that conflict are probably small, IMO.  If you do have a conflict, place this mod lower in the load order.  Conflict or no conflict, the Nuka Grenade MIRV will work just fine.  That record was created by me.

Thanks to:
Everyone who has been involved in the creation and continued development of xEdit.  Without xEdit, I would just be an old man with an abacus and a stone tablet, and this mod would not exist.