No weapon drop on death by boogiePls
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Added: 30/11/2015 - 01:48PM
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***Made with fo4edit***

In previous Bethesda games NPC's would always drop their weapon upon death, this can potentially cause save bloat as the game will now keep track of the weapon for the rest of your game even after the bodies have disappeared. This mod prevents NPC's from dropping their weapon when killed so when a cell resets the weapon should vanish with the body as well.

After a certain quest that involved a lot of killing I returned to the location only to find out the bodies had disappeared but the weapons they used were still lying around, hence why I made this mod.

As always use at your own risk, I'm not responsible if this mod turns your cat into a dog irl.

Currently this will prevent you from dragging bodies. To get around this simply loot the weapon the enemy is carrying. Thanks to Optiostar for finding this.


Thank you to the Nexus team and all modders. Thanks Bethesda too but goddamn kill gamebryo already. Also awaiting Fallout Sole Survivor's Edition or Project Bahston whatever they decide to call it.