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Ever felt like you really needed your enemies to shit their pants when they died? Me either, but I needed more bullets to replace the ones I used killing the bastards. So I came up with this mod as a quick and dirty way to get the fertilizer I needed. Don't forget your shovel wanderer!

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The What:
Now enemies drop an additional load when they expire. Take your hard-earned fertilizer to the contraptions ammo plant and make some shitty bullets!

The How:
All organic enemies (i.e. not synths or robots) will have a chance to drop between 1 and 4 fertilizer when they die, in addition to whatever normal loot they drop. Bigger enemies (supermutants and deathclaws) will drop more, while smaller animals drop less.

This modifies a mostly-unused (to my knowledge) drop table called a death table to add in the loot, so I can't see it having too many incompatibilities. As always, let me know if you run into problems.

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