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Makes the Broadsider useful with a whole array of upgrades with selective fire mode for explosive or recoverable cannon balls and extended barrel options, while adding 3 magazines for heavy weapons and new encounter consisting of new supermutant the Cannonbrawler and 2 bosses Mr and MS Boomtastic.

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**Make sure you use Broadsider HD with this mod, while not required it improves the textures of the broadsider so its one of the best looking weapons in the game.**
Broadsider HD

Broadsider Changes:
Now does 18 melee damage.
Reduced Spread.
Chance to knockdown on every attack.
Uses awesome Minuteman artillery fire sound instead of the crappy default Broadsider sound.
Broadsider given by quest is now Instigating legendary.
Cannon balls can be made at chem bench under grenades, 10 steel and 1 oil makes 2 cannon balls.

Broadsider new upgrades
Selective shot low velocity: Recoverable Cannon Balls.
Selective shot Heated low velocity: Recoverable Cannon Balls that do additional energy damage and glow.
Selective shot High Velocity: Does explosive damage and is instant impact.
Selective Shot Heated High Velocity: Does explosive damage and is instant impact with additional energy damage.
Double Multi Shot canister: +4 clip size.
Steady Grip Laser sight: Improves accuracy and gives a laser sight in first person mode.
Extended light barrel: +50% damage
Induction Coil Barrel: +75% damage, allows the use of heated shot.
Extended Induction Coil Barrel:+125% damage, allows the use of heated shot.

New Encounter at Fort Strong.
Mr and Ms Boomtastic and the Cannon Brawlers(new type of supermutant), they are immune to all types of explosives, difficult encounter.

3 new magazines
Issue 1:Do +5% damage with Heavy Weapons.
Issue 2:You gain 15 resistance, take 20% less splash damage from your own heavy weapons for each level of demolition.
Issue 3:Your explosions cover a 25% larger area.

Magazines can be found in the same places you get Broadsiders.

Extended barrels look a little weird reloading but they just look so darn nice otherwise ;)