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Adds Diluted Stimpaks, RadAway and RadX as craftable items at the Chemistry Station.

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This small mod lets you craft Diluted Stimpaks, RadAway and Rad-X at the Chemistry Station.

The Recipes are as follows:

Stimpak: Diluted (x2)
1x Stimpak
1x Purified Water

RadAway: Diluted (x2)
1x RadAway
1x Purified Water

Rad-X: Diluted (x2)
1x Rad-X
1x Purified Water

The items have 50% of the value and also 50% of the weight.
Stimpaks also only uncripple limbs to 50%.

Note: Due to the vanilla interface, you don't see the (x2) next to the name. If you use any UI mods, you will see that it actually displays it.