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You can add blue Institute Laser to any Laser Rifle and Laser Pistol at a Weapon Workbench. Compatible with AWKCR and Creation Club.

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You can add nice blue Institute Beam to any Laser Pistols and Laser Rifles at a Weapon Workbench (included legendary ones). Compatible with AWKCR and Creation Club.

In short about the mod:

This mod makes available the nice light blue Institute Laser for any Laser Rifles and Laser Pistols by simply attachable weapon mods. Accessible via any Weapon Workbench. Compatible with Creation Club Content and AWKCR.

How to use in detail:

At any Weapon Workbench you can attach Institute Laser Muzzle and Institute Sniper Barrels to your Laser Pistols and Laser Rifles.

(See the pictures and the video for a better view :)

Important notes:

1. If you would like to use the ,,Sniper Barrel" or the ,,Improved Sniper Barrel" with an Institute Laser, use their ,,for Institute Laser" variants.

2. Attach these barrel variants AFTER you attached an Institute Muzzle (like ,,Beam Focuer") to your weapon.

3. Don't use these variants for a non Institute Laser Muzzle

Laser Weapon stats are untouched, they deal the same damage as a traditional pre-war (red) laser.


1. Use NMM (or any Mod Manager), or:
2. Put manually the .esp file to your /Data folder (and activate it in your plugins.txt file)
3. You can find the two muzzle mods at any Weapon Workbench in the muzzle slot section


1. Remove the Institute Muzzle Mods and the special Institute Barrels from your weapon
2. Delete with your Mod Manager, or:
3. Deactivate the .esp file and delete it manually from your /Data folder