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Simply takes the squirrels added from Squirrels Of The Commonwealth and makes them less powerful.

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Squirrels Of The Commonwealth is a nice addition to the world, but I found the squirrels it adds in to be a little too strong. This mod lowers their stats and changes the aggro/nerve level on some varieties. I found this necessary in order to make them more a part of the general ambient fauna as opposed to a true combat opponent, though some varieties are still powerful enough to be of some worth in a fight.

They are now more in line with mole rats in terms of resilience, but somewhat more cowardly. The lower-tier squirrels are quite squishy now, and should run away from you if provoked as opposed to attacking you. The higher-tier varieties(albino, glowing, Nuka) retain the same aggro settings but have lower health and damage resistances. 

Requires Squirrels Of The Commonwealth, of course.