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Just some simple female poses.

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This mod gives you some poses for your (female) character. Poses are static and intended for screenshots. They can be selected via a craftable item called 'IceStorm's Poses'. Craft it at the chemlab under 'Utilities'.

There are 3 different categories for poses:

Generic Poses (Work well with all type of outfits)
Dress Optimized poses (Desgined for medium to long dresses)
High Heels optimized poses (These poses take the already bent ankle joint into account. Work also greate with flat shoes)

To stop the pose, simply open your PipBoy. Or open the magazine again and select "Stop Pose".

You can also call the poses from the console (playidle [POSE_NAME]). This also allows you to let other NPCs play the pose.
Names are:
  • Generic Poses: AutP01 - AutP16
  • Dress Poses: AutD01 - AutD07
  • High Heels Poses: AutS01 - AutS21

All Poses are aligned with CBBE Zeroed Sliders. The more your body preset differs from that, the more likely it is that some poses clip.

There is also a pose gun. It was intended for XB1 players but PC players can use it, too. (Warning: If you use Better Locational Damage, a headshot still kills NPCs as they're scripted in BLD).

Girl not included :D