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A character preset for the institutes newest model Mk III - A.N.G.E.L.

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Meet the newest line in the institutes Cybernetic Beauty Systems Killing Machine - The Mk III Advanced Neuro Guided Eradication Lifeform or code name A.N.G.E.L. for short.  She has fast become the Institute's top silent assassin  She is highly skilled and fully augmented to be faster, stronger and more agile to easily navigate and take out her predetermined targets among the danger-filled treacherous terrain of the Commonwealth.

The Mk III series A.N.G.E.L is a specialist stealth assassin. She cannot be reasoned with, she cannot be bargained with and she absolutely will not ever stop,  until all her designated objectives are complete.

Important Preset Notes & Install Information:
This mod is designed with the intention of playing as the main character for an Institute playthrough, as I love to create RP fantasy-themed type character protagonists so I decided to have a go at making my own MGS5 inspired character and while I understand that these types of presets are probably not everyone's cup of tea but that's, not the point. I just thought others might enjoy it too so I figured that I'd share.  :)

What's included:

This mod includes the Cybernetic Beauty Mk3 Lookmenu preset and also the Cybernetic Beauty Mk3 Bodyslide preset.

Accessories used in Photos:

For Cyborg Body Parts: Augmentation (EVB-CBBE)(AE-AWKCR) by Crimsomrider
1: DIMA's 100% Augmentation  - This gives you those really awesome biomechanical protrusions on your body as seen in my photos

For the great armor suit:  Parasite Armor Pack by mrsasa789    (note this mod also requires you install XOF armor pack as its prerequisite or it won't work)
2: Parasite Suit - Body 2 - this one so you will be able to use your own avatar skin.

For the cyber sniper Rifle: Sniperwave by Deathoctimus
3:  For the weapon -  I was unaware that apparently at the time of writing this the weapon can now be found at Fort Hagen.,  it used to be found at Arc Jet Systems during your initial buddy quest with Danse.  But the mod author changed its location recently so depending on which version you have installed that is where you will find it.

Anyways I do hope you enjoy my mod
And please consider giving credit where credit is due.
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