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Patch for Horizon and Heather Casdin for compatibility and implements some of Horizons companion features

Permissions and credits
-Added sorting tags to Heather's items, books, drinks, etc.
-Added (Dirty) to sink activation text in bunker
-Removed or replaced some of the high value items from her bunker
-Removed or replaced some of the high value items from her loot lists
-Added 7 Horizon Mail events (3 affinity based events at 100, 200, 350 and 500 and 3 triggered events) Basic ones for now but I'll be adding more as I do her quests

-Modified inventory
-Carry weight bonus from 125 to 70
-Speedmult 125 to 100
-SPECIAL brought down to Horizon companions levels
-Swapped some of Heather's perks with the Horizon versions
-Added Immunity to Poison
-Unlockable perk bonuses lowered
-Heather uses Combat Stimpaks instead of Refreshing Beverages to heal herself

-Lowered Armor Rating/Damage Resist and added Horizon keywords to Heather's Clothing
-Replaced her heavy duty laser pistol with a standard one
-Added a Horizon style signature weapon. The Caravaner (Laser Rifle) is available through the trader after reaching 750 Affinity with Heather
-Her backpack's carry weight bonus has been doubled to 50

-Removed healing effects from teas
-Healing Ointment now heals 15HP over 5 minutes and can be used with a bandage
-Detox Tea removes 0.5 Rads/Second for 480 seconds instead of 60/second for 4 seconds
-Raised prices of items that hydrate like purified water or have strong effects
-Changed certain effects for balance (e.g. Heather's Brahmin Bone Meal heals 25% limb damage over 3 minutes instead of 100% instant, Heather's Mulled Wine cures insomnia instead of all diseases, etc.)

-Healing Ointment and Hangover Helper need 4 Antiseptic instead of 1
-Green Tea doesn't need Antiseptic
-Recipes that use Purified Water now need 2 instead of 1
-Locator Beacon needs 5 Nuclear Fragments instead of 1 Nuclear Material
-Heather's Chemistry Bench needs 4 Tool Kits
-Other minor tweaks