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Little mod to stop legendary enemies / spawns dropping legendary armors and weapons upon death, rather they now drop Copper, Silver or Gold Bar randomly instead.

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Sometimes a legendary enemy may not drop any of the bars, this is intended.
Copper Bar, Silver Bar and Gold Bar are all vanilla items and retain vanilla value (hence a good fit).

Copper Bar value = 200
Silver Bar value = 300
Gold Bar value = 450

So when sold to vendors with high Charisma, relevant perks, you can fetch 100-300 caps (depending on which bar).

Works with or without DLCs and also works with all other mods' injector function.

This is a standalone mod and a part of my Immersive Survival Fun (ISF) compilation.

1. Install NMM 
2. Download mod
3. Load ISF LegendaryItems To CopperSilverGoldBars.esp the last (bottom most)
4. Profit

Endorse if you find it useful :)

Edit: Previous version of dropping caps do not function properly, this has been tested extensively and works with other mods/DLCs.