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Converts all the NPCs in OaR to Ponies! For Fallout Equestria Users!

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UPDATE: Project Valkyrie up and ready for consumption!

I've been working on trying to convert all of the ThuggyVerse and after a year of working (including a full data loss and having to RESTART from scratch) I'm happy to release it!

No doubt you'll be wondering why I didn't start with Fusion City, well I did, but that was part of the data loss issue I ended up having. I was able to save the groundwork on Outcast and Remnants and thats what we have here.

Hopefully I can get Fusion City and Project Valkyrie up to snuff soon! I've got working alpha versions but those are far from finished. Between this and my other projects, I hope to release it sooner then later ;)

Also, if you're not into ponies, and you don't have to be, please be civil and lets not start any unpleasant posts or flame wars. Just as anyone who WOULD enjoy this mod wouldn't come and start a flame war with your material :)

So it should go without saying but make sure this is UNDER the original Outcasts and Remnants Plugin. Otherwise you'll end up with a buncha strangeness ;) 

Feedback Welcome in Posts, colors of NPCs, Hair, ect. I did this with little input on style and as such, they may look awful to you. Constructive Feedback is welcome! Don't be shy to post. 

Don't forget to endorse if you enjoy it! So often we end up downloading and forgetting! :)


I'd like to thank ThuggySmurf for putting up with my endless amount of questions. It couldn't have been easy, and they were more then helpful in the creating of this!
Coupled onto the thanks would be FlamerunnerFirestorm and Uvgest for laying the groundwork with Fallout Equestria.