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Very simple mod to make it so more of the random generic NPC spawns are female

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This is a very simple leveled list edit. It changes no NPC records at all. All this does is remove the male spawn chance for the leveled list that have both male and female options in the same list.

The other more female NPC mods changes the NPC records to make them males, that can sometimes lead to some unwanted consequences like male voices on females in some instances. 

Fallout doesn't do lists exactly the same as Skyrim so you don't have as many options in terms of just straight leveled list edits for this type of thing. There are many random NPCs that don't have a female counterpart record. The other female mod changes those records to female this mod doesn't do that.

Place this esp at very very end of your order past any bashed patch and you will see more female raiders, minutemen, settlers, and Gunners.

Can be added or removed at any time.. might take a few in-game days to see any changes if adding or removing midgame(i'd travel to a new cell as well)

I added a version with We are the Minutemen females added since I use that version myself. Both DLC and non DLC versions included. If you are using a mod that adds new male and female variants and want just females you'd have to edit the leveled list and just drag over the female records in xedit(if enough requests i can make other versions for people not familiar with xedit)

I also added a version that adds a few male leveled list records back into the mix so when the game pulls from the leveled lists I edited it will have a chance to still spawn male just less of a chance.