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Craftable Ammunition by Xylozi is a wonderful early mod, but his component balancing is quite lopsided, with most rifle ammo being much cheaper to craft than pistol ammo. This mod is a reblanced version of his, so crafted ammo has more realistic component requirements.

Permissions and credits
Requires v1.13 of Craftable Ammunition by Xylozi
It was only necessary to modify some files to complete this rebalance, so the original mod is still required.

This mod rebalances Craftable Ammunition by Xylozi; he has created a great mod for us early modders, but it unfortunately has some balance issues with the amount of components required for crafting ballistic ammo. In short, most of the more powerful rounds are cheaper to craft than the weaker rounds. By selecting .38 as the baseline ammo type (and going under the assumption it's .38 Special), I've rebalanced all the required component amounts by comparing real-world .38 Special loadings against the real-world loadings of the other ammo types. For ammo without a real-world equivalent (5mm), I based it off a real-world cartridge that most closely approximated the ammo type in-game.

I've also rebalanced the amount of gunpowder and processed lead produced when you craft them, so that the overall amount of ammo you can produce isn't reduced, but the amount of different ammo types is reversed from the original mod. In short, for the same amount of components, you can produce more pistol rounds, but less rifle rounds.

[Important Note]
This mod only balances the Normal difficulty version of Craftable Ammunition; if you use the Easy or Difficult versions, then this mod will overwrite (or be overwritten, depending on load-order) the values set by the difficulty plugin, and you'll just end up with the rebalanced values for the Normal difficulty.

[Balance Changes]

[NMM/FOMOD Installation]
  • Install Craftable Ammunition by Xylozi first.
  • Install this mod using NMM.
  • The FOMOD installer will automatically pick the correct plugins to use (Perk or NoPerk version) depending on what Craftable Ammunition options you chose when you installed it. Because of this and because this mod overwrites plugins installed by Craftable Ammunition, this mod must be installed after Craftable Ammunition, or it will fail to function properly.

[Manual Installation]
  • Install Craftable Ammunition by Xylozi first.
  • Overwrite CraftableAmmunition_Core.esp and CraftableAmmunition_Recipes_Components_Normal.esp with the versions included in this mod.
  • Overwrite CraftableAmmunition_Recipes_Core_Perks.esp or CraftableAmmunition_Recipes_Core_NoPerks.esp, depending on which plugin you use, with the version included in this mod. Use only one of these plugin's included with this mod, do not use both.