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Adds new attachments, animations, sounds, and more to Wasteland Melody's Service Rifle.

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Also send in your screenshots, i love seeing them!

Expanding on the already large variety added from Wasteland Melody's mod, this aims to add a large amount of new (old) options based on real developmental and production models of M16 carbines.

While there are more options being worked on, as of v2.5 this includes:
  • 10.5 inch carbine barrel (XM177E1)
  • 10.5 inch GX-5857/Colt 607 barrel and hanguards 
  • 11.5 inch barrel (XM177E2, 629, 733) 
  • 12.5 inch barrel 
  • 14.5 inch barrel 
  • Adjusted the mounting points for the longer carbine and M16A1 barrel to be under the front sight block, allowing for a cleaner barrel appearance and consistency in mounting points.
  • M16A2 barrel and handguards
  • M16A4 barrel and Rail system
  • M4A1 barrel and Rail system
  • Mk18 mod 0 barrel and Rail system
  • M16A2 Stock
  • 607 Stock (collapsed and extended)
  • LMT SOPMOD Stock (collapsed and extended)
  • Honey Badger barrel (no grip, Magpul AFG, and VG options) -  [from WMSR]
  • ACOG Scope [from RU556]
  • Specter DR scope [from RU556]
  • Aimpoint Comp M2 (RU556, mesh edits by myself to create a non cantilever mount)
  • Eotech EXPS3 Holo sight (MP7)
  • Rack number texture option for the M16A1 stock
  • 20 round magazine with no tape
  • 30 round early "full curve" magazine
  • 30 round PMAG [RU556]
  • 30 round STANAG mag with Magpul sleeve
  • X products X-15 50 round drum [RU556]
  • AAC suppressor [RU556]
  • KAC suppressor [RU556]
  • Honey Badger Suppressor [from WMSR]
  • ANPEQ-15 [RU556]
  • M16A1 barrel with M203 grenade launcher
  • M16A2 barrel with M203 grenade launcher
  • M4 barrel (14.5in) with M203 grenade launcher
  • M4 barrel (12.5in) with M203 grenade launcher
  • XM177E2 barrel (with muzzle pre fit) with M203 grenade launcher
  • XM177E1/Late 607 (GX-5857) compensator
  • Removable carry handle rear sight (under BUIS section)
  • Reload speed has been increased across the board to better fit the typical Fallout 4 reload timing
  • an array of rail attachments are available for the Mk18/M4A1/M16A4
  • black or tan texture option for the LMT SOPMOD stock

Using grips and rail attachments has changed (v2.5):
Certain attachements are now grouped into added categories that allow the attachment and removal of grips and other accessories. All of the old premade "vertical grip barrels" have been removed, and now you can attach the grips via the weapons workbench after attaching the barrel. While some of these share attachments, it IS separated into groups. There are retro barrel attachments, honey badger attachments, M4/Mk18 carbine rail attachments, and M16A4 rifle rail attachments. For the attachment slots to show up the weapon

Texture and weapon paint options have been overhauled (v2.5):
Now when customizing your rifles, you will see 3 categories: 
Upper Receiver Color
Lower Receiver Color
Magazine Color
(v2.5) Equipping the SOPMOD stock allows choice between black or tan
Within these categories the old textures have been split for more customization, and on top of that, CLEAN versions of the grey and black textures have been added. While not factory new, they are much smoother and cleaner than the original textures, and can be selected from this list.
Clean textures include:
Cleaner upper reciever
Darker, cleaner barrel
Cleaner lower receiver
Cleaner carbine (2 pos CAR) stock
New textures from Cyrisus.

M203 resource: Tiggs AR15

Keyword setup help from scsmrcw (and some WIP models)

ALL animations are now changed to the updated RU556 3.0 animations (including vertical grips) thanks to F3AR and Hyper's team for permission, and Wasteland Melody for allowing me to add all this to the mod.

New reload and firing sounds (v2.5) courtesy of Navaro.

Neto for some of the awesome screenshots.

BigLo (jmanumber1) for the new SREP logo. 

How to find in game:
Since this is a part of Wasteland Melody's Service Rifle, using [help service 4 WEAP] or [help "service rifle" 4 WEAP] will give you the weapon, and all attachments are added via workbench and prefixed as [SREP]. Miscmods are also prefixed with [SREP] for searching.

*This mod is a separate, but mergeable esp addon to Wasteland Melody's Service Rifle. The reason for the separate esp is in the event that the original service rifle mod gets updated, returning this mod to working function if necessary will be much faster and wont require entirely rebuilding the esp.*

Much like the RU556, this does not require any of the FO4 DLCs.