Fallout 4
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Run into dead things and they get pushed.

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NOTE: This is the first mod I've put on nexus and I have only tested it for a few minutes, I don't know if it will do anything to your saves or game.
I don't know if you can uninstall it without any problems or if it's completely safe.
I'm sorry if it does anything bad.
I will add the esp version soon.

This makes it where when you move into dead things they get pushed. You can stand on top of them too.

The images on Dead Body Collision Fix Skyrim mod helped me understand what to change.

This helped too.

This showed me how to make it into an esl.

I made this because the other one that was on nexus is gone, there's one that says esl replacer in the search quick results poppup thing but it says it's hidden when I pick it.

Mods seen in the screenshot:

Playable Synths

Dave's Poses