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A character (follower) preset inspired by Morrigan from the Dark Stalkers game franchise.

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I've been playing Fallout 4 for a while now. I've fought giant roaches, robots, ghouls, raiders, ghouls, synths, giants, ghouls, radioactive ghouls, and even ghouls. 
Then I realized. You know what could make that better, besides more ghouls. Playing as a succubus.

So ladies and ghouls gentlemen, I bring you...
...Scotland's own...
Morrigan Aensland 

Now you can explore the Commonwealth as a super sexy succubus.
You can even use *Soul Fist on Preston when he ask for settlement rescues.

 *We don't condone the use of Soul Fist on any Minutemen, mainly because Soul Fist is not a usable technique in the game. Seriously whoever said you could do that is bull s***ing you.