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Horizon Patch for DOOM and WarDaddy's FN-FAL

Permissions and credits
Features :

  • Added ZX-1 Lab support.
  • Updated base damage and perk requirements.
  • Adjusted attachments' stats and descriptions.
  • Reworked ammo and scaling to Horizon's Assault Rifle set.
  • Added to Horizon Level List for Gunners, Raiders and Railroad Heavies.
  • Schematic can be at purchased at Market Trading Terminal, which unlocks the recipe at Weapons Lab.
  • Extra helping of pasta memes. (Optional)
  • Recipes added to Cooking Station lets you make your noodles just FAL Dente   haHAAaaaa

Installation :

  • Requires Nuka-World.
  • Requires Horizon 1.7 or higher.
  • Download and install FN-FAL, main file v1.41
  • (Optional) Install Alternative Sounds
  • Install the appropriate version of this patch, overwrite FN-FAL.esp if prompted.

Credits :

My Horizon Patches :