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Complete redesign of Fallout 4's explosion sounds

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Very simple and straightforward mod that beefs up Fallout 4's weak explosion sounds
Made to complement my other sfx mod: Commonwealth Gunfire Overhaul

(All audio files have been compiled from various open sources and mixed in Audacity)

Sounds that are replaced:
Frag grenades
Frag mines
Vertibird explosion
Turret explosions
Nuclear explosions: Fat Man, Nuka Grenade, cars

[Videos were recorded with Razer Surround installed at 50% bass boost]

v1.1 - add-on for molotov, cryo & plasma grenades/mines

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I made a brand new weapon/combat rebalance modCommonwealth Combat Overhaul.
I believe those who like my mods would find it interesting so please check it out!

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