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You can attach Legendary on Armor/Cloth via console

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This is an ARMOR MOD and will NOT WORK will any ARMOR MOD

This make it so that  "ALL" of the VANILLA clothes, glasses, hats, and gas masks is modifiable with legendary attribute

I also made a mod that make it so you can add Legedenary modification via workbench.
http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/4042/?     -Works with all armor mods and weapon mods

My main file here DOES NOT work with More Armor Slots or Armorsmith Extended mod, for those are ARMOR MOD.

Please see Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77 as it is updated and does the same thing with better stuff!

If you are using Armorsmith Extended v2.0 and up, you do not need this mod, as this mod's functionality was integrated into Armorsmith Extended.
This mod is for people that aren't using Armorsmith Extended and want to use Legendary Modification.

LegendaryClothes 2 Legendary Modification - Download option require 2 Legendary Modification option on my other mod
Allow all clothes to have 2 legendary property
Does NOT work with other ARMOR MOD ( is not a standalone )
Require these 2 .esp file and can be found on my other mod

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