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This little patch for 7StarC's GET DIRTY mod adds charisma modifiers and some other minor tweaks to the original mod. I made several flavors to accomodate your preferences.

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I was browsing comments under 7StarC's GET DIRTY (take a bath) mod and saw some people suggesting it would be cool if the dirtiness level actually had impact on your charisma, so I decided to go ahead and make it happen.
I originally wanted to just edit the mod for my own use, but eventually decided to brave an uncharted territory and make a patch for the original mod instead, so I could share it with other people. That said, this is my first time making a patch for a mod and I had to do a lot of things I've never tried before, so be nice, please.

In my default version, the changes are following:
  • "Clean" tier gives +1 to charisma boost and (hopefully) makes you more resistant to parasites and infection in survival difficulty
  • "Soiled" tier was renamed to "Grungy", because I think it looks better that way, and does not have any effects
  • "Dirty" tier gives -1 charisma penalty
  • "Filthy" tier gives -2 charisma penalty and (hopefully) makes you more likely to catch a disease
  • The radiation damage from being Filthy for too long has been reduced from 10 rads/s to 1 rad/s because honestly, that was ridiculously powerful
  • Some minor wording changes to the status text

The reason I chose "Soiled" for the default state rather than "Clean" was that in the post-apocalyptic world it seems strange to have the same hygiene standards as in normal world so I decided to give a small charisma boost for being really clean. I am aware that some people might not like it so I included a version where "Clean" is the default state and you get -1/-2/-3 charisma penalty with each subsequent tier of dirtiness.
I can also imagine someone might not like the way it affects your survival mode diseasee chances so I included a version where it does not do those things.
And as the last thing I also included a version that leaves the original radiation damage of extreme dirtiness untouched if someone prefered it that way.

Please note that I cannot make sure the resist disease/immunosupression effects actually work because the system is very complicated and I haven't figured out a way to see if those effects actually apply or not. I did my best to add them correctly with the limited knowledge of the game and CreationKit I have. But no guarantee!

v.1A - Clean charisma boost, survival effects, less rads
v.1B - Clean charisma boost, survival effects, normal rads
v.1C - Clean charisma boost, no survival effects, less rads
v.1D - Clean charisma boost, no survival effects, normal rads
v.2A - No charisma boost, survival effects, less rads
v.2B - No charisma boost, survival effects, normal rads
v.2C - No charisma boost, no survival effects, less rads
v.2D - No charisma boost, no survival effects, normal rads


This mod was developed without CWSS in mind because I don't use CWSS. I don't think they will work well together without some sort of a compatibility patch. I know the core mod does, but I'm affraid this one probably changes some things that CWSS also affects. Be careful if you plan to use them together.

I am not a professional modder. I'm providing this mod "as is" and don't want to spend days figuring out every issue people might have with it or making compatibility patches for whatever mods you might want. I don't know much about modding and only know the basics to make minor things. So please, don't expect me to give you full support. If you have any issues, feel free to open it in xEdit and see if you can fix it yourself. There's only a handful of entries this mod actually has so it shouldn't be too difficult. I just don't have time for that. I'm only sharing this mod because people asked for it and I didn't want to be selfish. Thanks.