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Nautical themed bachelor pad Transfer Settlement Blueprint for Kingsport Lighthouse.

Permissions and credits
This is my settlement for the Kingsport Lighthouse. My PC is male, so it's got a pretty masculine feel to it with a lot of nifty, nautical decor.

Before you Import
Scrap the whole house, including the foundation (do NOT scrap the Lighthouse or the Pier house by the dock). I'm not sure the Transfer Settlement nuking process will get rid of the house. Just make sure it's gone.

About the Settlement
Note that this is meant to be a player house, so there are very few resources, and only one robot resident (who is a supply line), so only one bed is required. Technically there are three beds I think, since the bed has an extra pillow and blanket that each count as one, but I really only did that for aesthetics because the mattress textures are gross. Great space for you and a companion.

About The House
I completely rebuilt the house from the foundation up with Snappy Housekit modular parts...I was tired of the whole house being one big unit. I don't know how many times I accidentally deleted or lifted it just trying to move or delete something minor. This gives you a little bit more flexibility with the architecture if you want to add on or replace any parts yourself.

About the Lighthouse
Yes, I know the Lighthouse is ridiculously over-lit. There is a point of diminishing returns on how many lights you can add to an area before it no longer matters that you're adding any more, and I believe this exceeds or at least meets that limit. This is my little tribute to another great game, Alan Wake, and the scene with the Well Lit Room, a beautiful, comforting safe haven in a very dark and intense game. Delete them if you don't want them there, but you gotta admit, it looks pretty rad at night (see pics).

About the Cats
There are, like, 20 cats wandering around the Lighthouse. I thought it was amusing to keep catching and releasing cats, because it reminded me of the Hemmingway'cats at the Key West Lighthouse. I'm not a Hemmingway fan, but I am a lighthouse fan. And a cat fan. I had upwards of 30 at one point but I had to, ahem...disable (markfordelete) a few since they were jamming up the doorways and getting in the way, making it hard to move around (just like real cats!). Just know that if you keep the option to import farm animals checked, you're about to have a bunch of furry tenants.

About the Birds
No it's not your imagination--the birds get frozen out at the pier. It's NOT MY FAULT! Or any other mod, for that matter. It's a game bug that has to do with how birds animate on a spline, and freeze if they can't finish their path due to an A.I. script triggering them to flee when a human comes near them. If they don't land first, they can't fly away again, so they...get...stuck in this endless fight-or-flight process. You can disable/markfordelete them, but more will just come back and also freeze. It's kind of sad. Just consider it part of the H.P. Lovecraftian ju-ju that's going on around the place.  

About the Plugins
Before you tell me I used too many plugins, this list was over 30 in my own saved game. I got it down to 15 before exporting it (not including the DLC files, Transfer Settlements, and its plugin requirements, of course). I took out all Creation Club content (you're welcome), and the mods that only added one or two things, I either replaced the items or deleted it.

Not everything below is mandatory, but your house will look extremely bland if you don't have them. I did list each plugin and what was used, so you can decide if you really need it or not. Of course, if you don't have the plugin, it just won't import the item, so in some cases, it's not a deal-breaker.

Required Plugins:

Snappy House Kit - The whole house was rebuilt using this mod. You MUST have version 8 of Snappy Housekits or higher, since the entire menu system was rebuilt after that version. If you're just looking for an easy way to reconstruct the house, this would be all you'd need. Note that you will have to pull off all the wallpaper yourself if you don't like it, though.

Recommended Plugins:
Settlement Electricity Overhaul  - This allows most of the items in the settlement to use wireless power. I highly recommend it if you're tired of pylons and wires and conduits, oh my. If you don't have this, be aware that you will be rigging all your electricity, turrets, and generators yourself.

Homemaker - Rugs, trees, campfire, furniture, barber chair (looks like a regular chair, but allows you to change hairstyle if you sit in it)

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - Used for the Christmas lights on the boat rigging. Granted, this is a HUGE--albeit very awesome--mod, and may be a bit much to download just for Christmas lights. But I love the way they look, and they took me forever to place, so I kept it.

Modular Kitchen - If you want a kitchen counter, that is. ('Fridge and oven are CREAtive Clutter)

CREAtive Clutter - A WHOOOOOLE bunch of stuff. This mod is Martha Stewart in a Can and one I won't play without. Items include oven, 'fridge, decor, bed, furniture, knick-knacks, plant resources, etc. You don't NEED it, per se, especially if you just want to download this for the reconstructed house, but your house will be very empty and boring without it.

Do It Yourshelf - A whooole bunch more cool stuff. Another mod I won't play without. Office bookshelves, food shelves and food items, kitchen appliances, bathroom stuff.

CWSS (Craftable Working Sinks and Showers) - If you want a functional bathroom. Homemaker also contains many of these static objects if you just want the look, but CWSS makes them actually useful. 

G2M Workshop - Nautical stuff and lots (and lots and lots) of hanging oil lamps and wooden pillars (like you see on the dock in Far Harbor). I went this route instead of wiring any electrical lights outside because I felt it added to the mood and theme.

Northland Diggers -  Used for the landscaping and plants around the outside of the house. Homemaker may have similar items, but I liked the look of these.

Optional Plugins:

AWKCR - Workbenches. I probably could have taken them out and saved this from the list, but I figured with several million downloads, there was a good chance most people already own this if they use mods.

Craftable Turret Stands - You'll have a couple turrets by the house floating in mid-air without this, but they can be easily moved or the platforms replace with other options.

Just Some Curtains and Rods - Not required if you don't want nice curtains. I wanted nice curtains.

Settlement Markers - A fun way to have your companions or settlers actually look like they're doing something instead of wandering around aimlessly.

If you made it this far, I'm impressed. Cheers, mates! Thanks for looking. :)