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A Player Home In Goodneighbor you can send companions to.

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A simple small Player Home in Goodneighbor.

- Set up as a settlement you can send companions to, and Fast Travel to and from (once you have entered it for the first time and activated the Workshop). The Worksnop is a wall console between the elevator and the bathroom door.

- Has a functional rad removal Chem Shower with undressing and +2 Charisma boost for 10 hours.
- Has a functional toilet with undressing and +2 Agility boost for 12 hours.


To access the elevator - loot the access card from Finn's body after Hancock deals with him. Or you can buy one from Rufus for about 25-65 caps depending on your Charisma. You need to keep it in your inventory to be able to use the elevator from Daisy's store.



The mod is dependent on F4SE for the scripts to work, but does not require any DLCs.

The mod's position in your Mod Load Order is IMPORTANT - keep it below other mods that alter (or refer to) the GoodneighborOrigin and GoodneighborAlleys cells.

 It will most likely be incompatible with other mods that use the GoodneighborAlleys cell (anything inside the "Daisy's Discounts" building).


Configure  Fallout 4 to enable mods, then use a mod manager of your choice.


 The animated toilet mesh was made by Bruce142 . He has allowed everybody to use it in their mods as long as he is credited as author of the resource and the resource is not used in paid for product.

 All the other non-vanilla assets were made by myself. Please feel free to use those assets in any way that works best for you - no need for any approvals or credits and NO RESTRICTIONS WHATSOEVER. Have fun.


Bruce142  for the animated toilet mesh.
Jpitner  and WLEBB  for inspiration.
RedRocketTV  for his "Elevators as Teleport" YouTube tutorial and other know-how info.