Fallout 4

About this mod

Drivable APC...with a *tiny* home.and a *small* new friend.
1 drivable APC, with a *very* brief quest to find it...with a *big* battle to actually get it.
Some, *I* think, good addons for it...and some fun mechanics.

Permissions and credits
Decided to finally finish the APC mod.
...why not.
It's *mostly* Lore Friendly...and *mostly* Ummersive
¯\_(ツ)_/¯      ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello: =)
Adds a drivable/ridable APC.
...and a companion...
...and an interior player-home workshop...
...and some other fun stuff.

0) The APC itself is only one, and it's found out in the world (per the small quest).
There is still a workshop category with extra bits, however. So, if you can't find that small 'Accessory' category in the workshop menu (likely very far to the right), try traveling to the center of another settlement (doesn't have to be a vanilla settlement, but does have to be a fully functional settlement) to kick-start the menu install script. Or even just go inside the APC and come back out.

1) Automatron and Far Harbor are necessary, without recourse.

2) Yes, the wheels do move...but they're a little out of sink. To be honest I just got totally tired of the <adjust, test, minuscule adjustment test, tiny adjustment, test, ErrMahGerd, test...4 teh evers!>. Anyone wants to mess with their timing more, just let me know and they can patch __that_.

Known Issues:
There's a few... =/

0) Do not try to enter another ride while on a ride.

1) Asking a companion to ride is problematic...just not consistent at all. Also, best just to leave Strong or anyone in power armor behind, as it doesn't look great. I *believe* it's not too bad and doesn't have any long term issues if you try putting companions...unless you have a Companion Mod that does weird stuff to vanilla systems.

0) When installed with any of those Button Lowered Weapons, Lowered Weapons, Weapon Lowered mods, dismounting the APC may:
--end with a face issue (though very rare) on the player. This is actually a vanilla bug (because we use Vertibirds as a base for these Jeeps). Exit the game and the face should come back. Otherwise, make a choice which mod you want to use, those or this.
--cause the player to be unable to exit or enter the APC, while leaving the player with no control or control on the APC at an inappropriate time.
1) Any mod that edits the animations for vertibird mount/dismount. Confirmed issue with Vertibird Jump.
2) Possible issues with Amazing Follower Tweaks. As far as we can tell, it mostly just compounds any possible Companion/APC interaction issues...especially the AFT option to make Companions get onto mounts automatically.
4) Neutral Vertibirds. It edits/diverts some mounting objects that can cause conflicts with the APC, including companion dismount issues (also, somewhat similar issues to Vertibird Jump, with player dismounting). We do offer a very simple Vertibird buildable in our APC and Tank Turrets mod, noted/linked to in the posts section's sticky here, as a pale alternative for anyone interested.

To uninstall:
Leave any settlement, then save, ext and delete/remove all this mod's files manually or through your preferred mod manager application.

As always, be kind, helpful, and remember that someday you may need help and that it might be a good idea to keep bridges un-burnt.

Thank you. =)

(Our new little friend, enjoying a nice place to sleep. Mighty fine use of the interior player-home workshop, I believe)