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This mod adds two new manufacturing machines. The first is an exporting device to automatically sell items, while the second is an importer that automatically orders shipments of items.

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This mod adds two devices to the game, an import machine and an export machine. The import machine works like a building, receiving bottle caps and exchanging them for shipments of materials. The export machine accepts any item worth one or more caps, and sells it automatically. This mod requires the contraptions workshop.

The devices work off of a calculated barter multiplier that is the cumulative result of base charisma, whether or not you have the barter bobble-head, and the cap collector perks. Nothing else is accounted for, neither bonus charisma from clothes/chems/food nor magazines.
WARNING: The exporter machine will sell absolutely ANYTHING- so long as it is worth something. It also does this very quickly, do not put anything you will miss anywhere near it.
Both machines require 10 power to operate, and cost as much as a builder to create.

• Contraptions Workshop DLC
• F4SE

• Manufacturing Extended
• A mod that allows dropping the actual bottle cap item, if you can find it.
• If you want this to be more profitable, use a mod that rebalances shipment prices or contraption builder recipes. This mod comes included with a cheaper shipments .esp that will significantly reduce shipment costs across the board.

Use your favorite mod manager OR
• Download the mod
• Extract the .7z
• Place the contents of the .7z directly into the Data folder of your fallout 4 installation