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Sick of hearing the same annoying complaints from settlers? Guards talking to you well after you've passed them? Diamond City residents being jerks for no reason? This mod is for you.

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Nerf to overly talkative guards and complainy settlers. This means just passing by people wont make them tell you about their feet hurting or whatever other inane stuff they seem to think the Sole-Survivor want to hear about. You can still hear what guards and NPCs have to say by talking to them yourself.

This mod is the kind of mod you can turn off and on without worry, if something related to NPC auto-greetings breaks try talking to them manually, or just turn off the mod and reload your game.

This mod does not disable general "chatter" from NPCs, vendors will still yell out, NPCs will still have conversations with each other, and companions/settlers will still talk about you crafting stuff, ect.