About this mod

The Red Rocket converted into a self sufficient fortress, farm, and ammo supply. Contains enough food, water, and beds for 13 settlers, and machinery for producing ammo.

Permissions and credits
Hey guys, I'm excited to introduce to you, my first entry on the nexus ever. This is my personal player home/settlement that I've built and finally felt satisfied with.

It is heavily fortified with a perimeter fence and heavy turrets, much in a similar fashion as covenant. However, this is the wasteland, and junk is our lifeblood! With that said, our primary line of defense comes from a tightly fit junk fence that doubles as a radiation screen, courtesy of the decontamination arch acting as a smaller tunnel through the gate.

My personal favorite feature in this build, is the ammo factory that is primarily on the roof of the building, that drops goods off the side and into a hopper. Access is granted via elevator. It is important to note there is a basic setup for using the machinery, which I will cover later!

The settlement is also heavily decorated, because of which, I strongly recommend using a mod for settlement budget increase, additionally, I strongly advise using the Scrap Everything mod to make room for everything in this build too. I'll be sure to explain this at the end too.

A useful feature of the build, comes in it's settlement portions, featuring three water pumps, and exclusive use of adhesive producing crops, albeit the ratio is a bit out of balance, but still works well.

The settlement has room for up to thirteen settlers, as I had little room to comfortably expand without making it feel more claustrophobic than it already is, and fortunately, it is almost guaranteed to produce up to 80-happiness (room to grow, right?)

As an extra added bonus, for you wastelanders preferring the niche "irradiated" playstyle, there is a bit of radioactive waste dumped near the border of the settlement for you to soak in that warm glow :D


First and foremost, when preparing to import the blueprint, please be sure that you have slot #2 available, as this is the slot I had set it to, and be sure to use the "Stable" setting, and when selecting options, just tick on everything for what to import.

Secondly, make sure that you have the Place Everywhere plugin for F4SE, and the Scrap Everything Mod, as some things can be tricky to clean up safely.
Our major targets for Scrap Everything will be;
Trash, Debris, Bramble, Bushes, Grass, Gravel Mounds/Grass, and Trees. Most of these will pose issues for the settlement, due to everything needing to be exceptionally tidy.

Additional things to remove before import; Tires, Tiles, Traffic Cones, Decorations, and Furniture.

A final note;
I feel it important to mention this, my game is heavily modded, and many mods make up the contents of this settlement, so please keep this in mind as you consider downloading my blueprint, and if by chance the game says I missed a requirement, let me know so I can fix that for you!

For the same visual effects in landscape that I use, I strongly recommend this mod: Fallout 4 Seasons 
I am using the "Spring Thaw" version, because I feel it simply looks amazing!

[PS: My Settlers and Wandering Cows are not included :p , and for the folks on reddit, yes, i'm dresden_88 <3 ]

Thanks everyone!