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Adds a classic plasma gun from Fallout 1/2. Some modifications are available.

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  • French
As in Fallout 1/2, the gun uses small energy cells, so it is in fact just a small rework of the default laser gun with the same animations.

This does not replace the default plasma weapon, but simply adds new guns to LL.

I did not have enough time to test it in the game, so if you find bugs and other nonsense - write, I will try to fix it.


UPD 1.3:
When you try to change it on the workbench, it no longer crashes to old versions of games.
Fixed bug with duplicate options in the crafting menu.
Fixed muzzle flash anchor points.
Fixed default sight zoom.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out the bugs and suggested a way to fix them.

UPD 1.4
Fixed a bug with infinite ammunition when using a magnetic coil.
Reduced glow and increased transparency of the collimator glass.
Increased the range of the default barrel.
Minor balance changes.

UPD 1.5:
Removed a few more random changes affecting the vanilla game.
Reduced the range of fire muzzles.
Made the collimator glass almost transparent.