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Legacyslayer & Toadie2k's Nation Independant Arsenal HK416

This mod adds Toadies HK416 to the Boston Commonwealth, complete with custom animations, an in depth modding system, custom sounds and tons of interchangeable camo options using a custom space saving method I designed from the ground up.

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Legacyslayer & Toadie2k's Nation Independent Arsenal HK416

This mod adds Toadies HK416 (and variants) to the Boston Commonwealth, complete with custom animations, an in depth modding system, custom sounds and tons of interchangeable camo options using a custom space saving method I designed from the ground up.

To start the mod, simply craft "NIArms HK416 Introduction and Use"  and the "HK416 Modlist" from any Chemistry Station under the HK416 Mod Intro category. MAKE SURE TO READ THE INTRO THOROUGHLY, theres alot to this mod and you will be confused unless you read it!

Also make sure when you change calibers that you add the proper Barrel, Bolt Select Fire Mode and Magazine, or the gun will either A. Not work at all, or B. bullets will fly out of the barrel at every angle but forward!

One last thing: If you liked the mod please consider supporting Toadie and I on patreon, if you are financially able to. She spent countless hours modeling and texturing this gun (and many others) from scratch. Likewise I spent countless hours converting it all to Fallout 4's engine for you all to enjoy. If each person who downloads and liked the mod donated just $1 to each of us a month it would help us out tremendously and lets us know our hard work is appreciated. *Disclaimer: Donating is optional, this mod and any other of my mods will NEVER be locked behind a paywall*

SUPPORT the Modeler! - (Toadies Patreon)

SUPPORT the Modder! - (LegacySlayers Patreon)

- Completely gutted the Blueprints system from previous version, Now all that remains are the 3 Mod Tier Blueprints, and Legendary Blueprints. More about those below. 

-  Mods now come in 3 Different Tiers, instead of requiring Blueprints for each type. Standard Tier Magazines can be found at level 5+, or purchased from the Blueprint Vending machine at level 10+ for 1000 Caps. High End Tier Magazines can be found at level 10+, or purchased for 2500 caps from the vending machine at level 25+. The last tier Legendary, can be found at level 25+ or Purchased at Level 50+ for 5000 caps. 

- Legendary blueprints still remain to give players something to work towards, at level 5+ you have a chance to find the Gemtech Integra barrel blueprint. This is an enhanced integrally silenced barrel that INCREASES damage, but has no way to mount a muzzle device. Also at level 10+ you can find blueprints for the HK47, HK49 and HK417 Receivers, and level 25+ the HK450 and Ballistic Shields

- Reworked the Diablos spawn leveled list, Now he should only spawn in place of heavies: Mirelurk Queen, Deathclaws and Supermutant behemoths. (For now, he is useless but upcoming updates will include unique/ fantasy weapons only available through him)

- Fixed the missing textures

0.90 Changelog 
- All new RU556 3.0 animations, courtesy of F34R. There is some clipping, since they were made specifically for the RU556, but the pros outweigh the cons for sure. Grip anims, CMAG anims and AFG anims.

- Added new mod options, some from RU556 3.0, some from other sources and some made from scratch by me. The Gemtech Integra, X-Caliber Barrells and Ballistic Shields have only decent 20 minute place holder textures. They are good but not great and I plan to fully texture them at some point.

- Completely overhauled the Ballistics! Custom muzzleflashes that change with certain Brakes and Calibers, custom scratch made realistic ammo models UV mapped to Fallout 4 textures to blend in, Custom projectiles (No longer will you shoot tracer lasers every 4th round, now watch every single bullet fired hit its mark with realistic gravity physics!)

- Reworked the Weapon Modding system, gone are the days of HK416 parts now replaced with realistic scrap recipes and a new Blueprints system.

- Completely overhauled the Leveled Lists for NPCs with a small taste of my "Loadouts" system, keeping the game interesting and you on your toes

- This mod now covers everything you could possibly want from a weapons system, Assault Rifle? Check. (HK416 + Variants or Prototype HK47 Mutant) Marksman Rifle? Check. (HK417 with a scope and bipod on Semi-Auto) Light Machine Gun? Check. (Any Model with a large mag, bipod and or ballistics shield!) SubMachineGun? Check. (Prototype HK49 SMG) Pistol? Check. (Any model with a short barrel, and no stock) A Fuck you, your cover, and the guy behind you gun? CHECK. (Prototype HK450 AR) Less than Lethal? Sort of, but still lethal!  a working Airsoft Gun???? Check!! (VFC Full Metal UMAREX AEG with realistic recoil!)

Credits: 90% of the assets used are from Toadie2K, or made from her assets. But some assets are from others and they are credited below...

LegacySlayer - All Plug-in work, Missing mod categories fix script, All camo related textures and the method used to employ them.

RedRogueXIII - Magpul BAD and Magpul Grip
F34R - 40 RND P-Mag
Tigg - Laser Sight model
Shortez - XTM RailCovers
Heem - Spec Ops Bayonet 
Haru404 - Animations
NWI - Sounds
Twinke Masta - ACOG
Doomsentinel - Custom Silencer and EOTECH
A_Blind_Man - Scripts for LL injection
AI - Aimpoint Micro T2
Farengar/Siemko - Troy Modular Grip
Yukzx/Tigg - Elcan Spectre

Version .90 Update:

SPECIAL THANKS: To FX0x01 for allowing me to use some of his awesome RU556 assets!

SaberTube QD Stock, Mako SSR-25 Stock, Barska Sight, C-More, - Odec3d

Magpul UBR Gen2, FAB Defense MagWellGrip, X-15 50 Rnd Drum Mag, Salient Arms International SAI-GRY Handguards, SAI JailBrake, FAB Defense GL-Core Stock, MagPul MIssion ADaptable Grips, Strike Industries Viper MOD-1 Stock - F34R

New animations - F34R

Noveske NSR KEYMOD Handguard - Krycek

BattleLink Minimalist Stock - Max Bolyrev+KingstonCartel

R5 Parts - ImBrokeRU

HK47 Drum Mag, Bowers 50, Helix and Tundra Suppressors - r-populik

HK47 PMag, RMR, Ultrashot, Aimpoint T1 - Farengar

9mm Mags - soidev.50

Beowulf Muzzle Brake - Aleksander Milankovic

SOPMOD Handguard - Yukzx

X-Caliber Fluted barrels, Gemtech Integra, BlackBeard + Army of One + X-Armament Level III Balistic shields - Legacyslayer

HK417 assets - Ubisoft / with heavy edits from Legacyslayer (This mod is not endorsed in any way by Ubisoft, and Ubisoft retains all rights to their assets used within)

Hartman MH1, Classic Army Airsoft Grip-Pod - Roman Bugaiev

Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 - Tenoyl and Blur