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Legacyslayer & Toadie2k's Nation Independant Arsenal HK416

This mod adds Toadies HK416 to the Boston Commonwealth, complete with custom animations, an in depth modding system, custom sounds and tons of interchangeable camo options using a custom space saving method I designed from the ground up.

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Legacyslayer & Toadie2k's Nation Independent Arsenal HK416

This mod adds Toadies HK416 (and variants) to the Boston Commonwealth, complete with custom animations, an in depth modding system, custom sounds and tons of interchangeable camo options using a custom space saving method I designed from the ground up.

To start the mod, simply craft "NIArms HK416" from any Chemistry Station under the HK416 Mod Intro category. Feel free to leave any feedback and suggestions and if its feasible I will try to add it in, same goes for fixing any bugs. 

Small overview of the contents:

- Insane amount of customization! Change your Barrel, Receiver, Mag, Handguard, Muzzle, Grip, Magrelease, Front, Rear and Integrated sights, Left, Top, Right and Lower Rail mods Laserbeam and MORE!

- Speaking of Sights, each sight has been painstakingly zeroed in so you can play without a crosshair and pop heads off every time. (Same goes for the laser in 1st person! 3rd person laser is impossible because of the way Fallout 4's camera is.)

- Turn a worn out Rusty HK416 into your own unique legendary Deathclaw killing machine! Then convert unused Rusty HK416s into parts to build better mods!

- ..On the subject of legendaries and Deathclaws.. A Legendary M27 is dropped from killing the Deathclaw Diablos (Who has a chance to spawn pretty much anywhere after level 50)

- Added HK416 Perk Mags in varying levels, find these either at a vendor or in the commonwealth (Randomly, in containers) to craft HK416 parts and the next tier of mods! Novice Magazines spawn at Level 10, Professional at level 25 and Expert at 50.

One last thing: If you liked the mod please consider supporting Toadie and I on patreon, if you are financially able to. She spent countless hours modeling and texturing this gun (and many others) from scratch. Likewise I spent countless hours converting it all to Fallout 4's engine for you all to enjoy. If each person who downloads and liked the mod donated just $1 to each of us a month it would help us out tremendously and lets us know our hard work is appreciated. *Disclaimer: Donating is optional, this mod and any other of my mods will NEVER be locked behind a paywall*

SUPPORT the Modeler! - (Toadies Patreon)

SUPPORT the Modder! - (LegacySlayers Patreon)

0.75 Changelog
- Fixed the Rumble bug issue, weapon should no longer rumble after firing.

- Fixed the Power Armor animation issue, However the power armor has to use vanilla 3rd person reload anims and there is no sound. 1st person works fine

- Fixed the NPCs wont use it Bug, remnants leftover from testing.

- Fixed the No Audio fro NPCs Bug

- and most importantly, reworked the crafting system. Mods are split into 3 tiers: Novice, Professional and Expert with each tier being tied to a Magazine Perk.

- Added the ability to craft HK416 parts from scrap via the HK416 Workbench

- Added optional Modular Rails for the Remington and Geiselle to allow attachments

- Added new Lightbulb options for the Surefire and DBAL (and adjusted existing options so they arent too bright)

- Reworked the non-magnifying sights to hopefully help with recoil, as well as tightening up recoil in the Aim Model. The remaining recoil is baked into the Animation.

- Many other minor bug fixes that went mostly unnoticed

0.76 Changelog
- Fixed the Animation Issue, should be working as normal now.

- Changed position of the extended stocks, shouldnt clip as bad anymore.

- Added V-Notch rear Iron Sight, for better visibility

0.78 Changelog
- Fixed the Combat Knife hovering when being dropped

- Increased spawn rate for the Perk Mags, and additional locations it can spawn

- Added new Cryptic Ruby performance mod, geared for players lvl 75+

- Attempted to make Diablos Less Hostile, just in case he does spawn too soon. Just dont get too close to him :)

0.80 Changelog
- All new animations, courtesy of Haru. There is some clipping, since they were made specifically for the RU556, but the pros outweigh the cons for sure. Grip anims, CMAG anims and AFG anims.

- Added new optics: Aimpoint T1 and T2, Elcan Spectre and MBUS. And a Vertical Grip

- Reworked the zoom data again as a result of the animation change

- Fixed some bugs, namely the missing perk mag textures and the glitched NPC audio (Turns out Fallout 4 doesnt support 3d sound for NPCs, so I had to remove it) and a weird crash caused by Diablos spawning in place of mole rats.

Jdaking has also very kindly made a VIS-G patch for the HK416, check it out below!

Credits: 90% of the assets used are from Toadie2K, or made from her assets. But some assets are from others and they are credited below...

LegacySlayer - All Plug-in work, Missing mod categories fix script, All camo related textures and the method used to employ them.

RedRogueXIII - Magpul BAD and Magpul Grip
F34R - 40 RND P-Mag
Tigg - Laser Sight model
Shortez - XTM RailCovers
Heem - Spec Ops Bayonet 
Haru404 - Animations
NWI - Sounds
Twinke Masta - ACOG
Doomsentinel - Custom Silencer and EOTECH
A_Blind_Man - Scripts for LL injection
AI - Aimpoint Micro T2
Kouoaeha - Aimpoint Micro T1
Farengar/Siemko - Troy Modular Grip
Yukzx/Tigg - Elcan Spectre