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Wearable cape, uses ring or bandana slot.

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This mod is now open-source! 
You're free to do anything you want with it. 
Edit, modify, re-upload, add it to your own mod, whatever.  
No credit necessary, as this is a vanilla asset and I only simply added it as a wearable item.

This mod lets you wear a cape, uses the ring slot or bandana slot. Ballistic Weave compatible.

Found a cape model in the vanilla files that I don't believe is in game and created an .esp to make it wearable.

Minor issues: Clips through most clothing (best when used with vault suits, BOS uniforms, thin/no clothing), and elbows clip through when running.

It's recommended that you use Nexus Mod Manager to install.
If you're doing a manual install, copy Maxson_Cape.esp from the Data folder to your Fallout 4 Data folder & enable it.
For color retextures: choose a color folder and place 
MaxonCape_d.DDS in Data/Textures/Armor/KnightUnderArmor/

Featured on FALLOUT 4 MODS - WEEK #4 by Tyrannicon
Featured on Fallout 4 Mod Feature #5 by Nozi87 

How to obtain:
  • Open your console with ~
  • Enter help cape 4
  • Find Maxson's Cape item ID number. (Example: XX000804)
  • Enter player.additem IDNumber 1
  • Close your console with ~


  • Added an alternate version which uses the bandana slot instead of the ring slot.
  • Fixed Grey retexture (was previously using default red texture).
  • Added more colored retextures (Brown, Blue, Green).
  • Added Black Retexture (had issues with specular map saving).
  • Figured out how to hide the belt. New "belt-less" retextures released.
  • Released a fomod installer which includes all current color options.
  • Dec 19: Version 1.2 includes all previous fixes, and changes slot to 56.  M113's retexture included as an install option.

To do: 
  • Consolidate the retextures into a more manageable pack file.

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