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Replaces Horizon's Light Machine Guns with T41NT3D's R91 Assault Rifle.

Permissions and credits
I dislike NPCs walking around with Fallout 4's bulky WWI looking "assault rifle" and T41NT3D's fantastic R91 seems to be the right solution.

This is a quick n' dirty model swap thus should be safe to install/uninstall mid-game, existing weapons may still have their old names but simply toggle an attachment mod in the workbench would fix that up. Weapon stats are unchanged with the exception of 80 round drums are now 60 round large capacity magazines, their reload speeds are increased by 10% to compensate.

The original mod uses Handmade Rifle's 3rd person animation so Nuka World is required. Unfortunately there are also no proper super mutant animations, I slapped together a band-aid fix which allows them to wield and fire this weapon but the charging handle and magazine are misaligned (see screenshot with Strong), on the other hand there are only a few super mutants in Horizon that spawn with assault rifles (in Far Harbor?) so it shouldn't be too terribly out of place.

Settlers also get their own versions of R91, I noticed the tier 2 weapon was not actually automatic like shown in the menu so that's "fixed" too, don't know if it was intended.

This patch has two versions, a simpler one with some recycled assets, and another that uses kuzi127's excellent R91 Expansion for a little more flavor. 

Installation :

Make sure you have Nuka World and Horizon v1.7 or higher

Download and install R91 - Fallout 3 Assault Rifle Main File.

(Optional) download and install R91 Expansion either main file, but be sure to disable or delete the R91 Expanded.esp in that mod!!!

Install the appropriate version of this patch, overwrite R91AssaultRifle.esp.

Should be compatible with level list edits such as Diamond City Enhanced Security or Diamond City SWAT

DO NOT USE WITH ff7cloudstrife's R91!!!

Credits :

T41NT3D - R91 - Fallout 3 Assault Rifle
kuzi127 - R91 Expansion

I did not create any of the models, textures, animations, and sounds etc. adopted by this mod, all credit goes to their respective owners.

Non-Horizon users check out Henke100's R91 Replacer LevelListFix

My Horizon Patches :