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Gives you a Portable Duffle Bag to store items when you are camping. Best used together with "Campsite" and "The Mobile Mechnic" by fadingsignal.

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Since Campsite by fadingsignal was released I have it in my load order and it's there to stay. But I always missed one tiny little thing... A storage container.

Portable Duffle Bag is my way to remedy that. You don't need Campsite to use this mod, it's totally standalone....

Not wanting to (ab)use the storage container as infinite portable storage space, you can NOT pick it up as long as there are items in it.

Craft the Portable Duffle Bag at the Chem station under Utility. To place it down just drop it from the inventory.


Irrelevant... it's an ESL


Version 2.0 is NOT an update for version 1.0 !!!! They are separate mods. Use one or the other.

Do never ever overwrite one version with the other !!!

Version 1.0:
  • Works with activators
  • Can be (ab)use as "Cloud Container"

Version 2.0:
  • Works with containers
  • Containers do not share content

Otherwise the concept behind them is the same.

Version 2 is what I originally envisioned, but rushing the mod out (made it in one evening) resulted in what is now Version 1. Some people like it, so I didn't remove it from Nexus after release.

If someone finds a way to switch between versions without any problems, you're welcome to post your method on the comment section. I take no responsability for any problems with your save-game.