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Add a "Howa Rifle"(Howa Type89 Automatic Rifle)
It is sold at a weapons shop, and Raider, Gunner etc. possess it.

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Howa Rifle(Howa Type89 Automatic rifle) is a Japanan JSDF Service rifle.
Based on the USArmalite Rifle(AR-18), it was redesigned to match the physique of the Asian man.
Immediately before the Greater War, the United States Army carried out a large-scale joint military exercise, inviting its allies to prepare for a final offensive against mainland China.
Everyone expected that the war would be over.
However, the operation was not actually carried out because the war and the civilization of humanity were over by the whole nuclear war....

A long time has passed since the war, and few people know about this gun.
Discovered rarely from the military ruins of 200 years ago, this gun is simply called "Howa Rifle" from BOS and scavengers.
Because this gun is brought to the United States a small number, finding it with commonwealth will be somewhat difficult.
You will find this gun rarely with high level gunner's possessions, cricket shops.

Howa Rifle(豊和89式小銃)は日本製の自動小銃です。
米国製のArmaLite Rifle(AR-18)を参考に、アジア人の体格にマッチするように再設計されました。

200年前の軍事遺跡から稀に発見される事があるこの銃は、BOSやスカベンジャー達からシンプルに"Howa Rifle"と呼ばれています。

This MOD uses the animation of "Right-handed Nukaworld AK Replacer" of Hitman 47101 and Ha_ru.
I am deeply grateful to Hitman 47101 and his Team who gave me that permission.
Thank you very much.

model & textures : futoshisan
reload animation : Hitman 47101
3rd person animation : Ha_ru
Creation kit : Monkey Depot
Script(Leveld List Injection):a_blind_man

Blender 2.79(model)
BodySlide and Outfit Studio(convert .nif file)
Nif Skope2.0 (mesh)
Gimp (textures)
Paint tool Sai(Textures)