Fallout 4
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Infamous - Takaru Minari

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EBMD is a complete description overhaul that revamps the "Better this" Exceptional that" bologna Bethesda threw in our face. Includes Weapon Mods, Robot Mods, Armor Mods, Power Armor Mods, Perks, Perk Magazines, the Lockpick Bobblehead and Legendary/Special Effects.

Permissions and credits
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Even Better Mod Descriptions is an update/re-creation of Better Mod Descriptions by Takaru Minari.

*This mod was made with the latest game version using a game version before the creation club updates may result in crashes*

Whats Included?

-Full DLC support including an All in one for all DLC users (Nuka World, Automatron, Far Harbor) and separate Vanilla and DLC files for other users
-UFO4P fixes are included in all files (but does NOT require the UFO4P patch!).
-All descriptions for weapon mods, armor mods, power armor mods, robot mods, and special effects/legendary effects have been overhauled.
-The vague descriptions for Perks, Perk Magazines, and the Lockpick Bobblehead have been changed (See shoddy photos for examples)
-Sorted so that each value is in the same order everytime. 
-Some compressed terms which mostly eliminates the smaller text although not entirely.
-Descriptions are based off their standard parts to show the differences no extra BS
-Updated to newest game version fixing two records from the original BMD
-Fixes errors from the original mod
-Optional compatibility patches and replacer esps for various mods that will grow as I make them 

Sorry for the shoddy photos


Need some examples? here you go!

Armor Mod:
Original: Adds Radiation Resistance.
EBMD: +15 Radiation Resistance.

Special Armor Mod:
Original: Reduces the magnitude of incoming staggers. I would like to slap whomever came up with that sentence like c'mon bruh
EBMD: +100% Stagger Resistance.

Weapon Mod:
Original: Superior damage. Better critical shot damage and accuracy.
EBMD: +50% Damage. +100% Critical Hit. -10% Spread.

Robot Mod:
Original: Melee targets are poisoned. Improves Damage Resistance. Reduces carrying capacity.
EBMD: +15 Poison Damage for Melee attacks. +8 Damage Resistance.

Perk (Gunslinger):
Original: Non-automatic pistols now do 40% more damage and have increased range.
EBMD: Non-automatic pistols now do 40% more damage and have 25% increased range.

Perk Magazine (Covert Ops):
Original: You've collected an issue of the U.S. Covert Operations Manual! Permanently more difficult to detect while sneaking.
EBMD: You've collected an issue of the U.S. Covert Operations Manual! Permanently 4% more difficult to detect while sneaking.

The Lockpick Bobblehead:
Original: "Always strive for the unobtainable." Lockpicking is permanently easier.
EBMD: "Always strive for the unobtainable." Lockpicking is permanently 20% easier.

dem descriptions doe



Known Issues:

-Some small text
-Kinetic Dynamo's (Power Armor) effect was too difficult to determine

Compatibility and Patches

*All my patches are now located in the misc section so keep an eye out*

-This mod is compatible with most mods. Although mods which edit the OMODS, Perks, Perk Magazines may need a patch. Other modded content such as new weapons will need addons which I will be making soon. If theres a mod you want patched tell me in the comment section I'll probably make it.

Heres a list of what I have made so far:



Takaru Minari for the  original mod  and Idea we all wanted when we first took a glance at them descriptions thanks bruh

Thanks to the community for getting this mod on front page of Hot Mods you guys rock!

Other Work By Me

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