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With this Mod, you can recruit all the official Followers at the same time, if you wish. Every combination works.

PS: They are not fake copies of the original companions. They ARE THE REAL NPCs in the game.

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This is my first ever made mod , so please, don't make me feel shit if the mod sucks =( 

I did this to the best of my abilities, i hope i'll learn something new everyday!
I created this mod by making new quests in Fo4Edit and creating new packages, copies of older packages, attached to them. Im making a quest for every single follower, so you will be able to have them all if you want ( sounds op tbh but whatever :D )

Done using Fo4Edit

This mod makes you have up to 13 followers following you around like true followers. They have their dialogues and everything. They are not fake copies of the original companions. 


Download the file from the download section of this page

Grab the file inside the Folder downloaded and drop it inside your Fallout4/Data folder

Enable it via any Mod Manager of your preference

PS: If upgrading from an older version, it's MANDATORY to remove the older files. Resulting in duplicate files and/or versions will make your game glitchy as hell. Even more than vanilla. That's something terrifying, imho.

These Are the  new Quests Names to use in console while writing the codes:
  1. Nick
  2. X6
  3. Strong
  4. Preston
  5. Cait
  6. Deacon
  7. Hancock
  8. Robert
  9. Codsworth
  10. Curie 
  11. Danse
  12. Piper

  • -Recruiting is now easier! Example: if you want to recruit Curie, instead of writing "followers(number)" and "companion(number)" you will write in console: 
  • setconsolescopequest Curie
  • forcerefintoalias Curie
  • setplayerteammate 1

  • Another example, for maccready: 
  • setconsolescopequest robert
  • forcerefintoalias robert
  • setplayerteammate 1

    REMEMBER TO ALWAYS CLICK ON THEM IN CONSOLE COMMAND BEFORE TYPING THE CODES, for example if u want to recruit curie, first click on her in console mode then type the codes.

  • Dismissal works in the same way. Example: you want to dismiss curie? go in the console, click on her and type:
  • setconsolescopequest curie
  • emptyrefalias curie
  • setplayerteammate 0
  • removefac 23c01

    OPTIONAL: MADE BAT FILES FOR RECRUITING AND DISMISSING. FOLLOW THIS WITH ATTENTION: Since console doesnt compile "forcerefintoalias" and "emptyrefalias" while using bat files, i made them to write all the codes except that, which you will have to type manually in console.

    EXAMPLE: Want to recruit Preston? go in console then type "bat preston" and then write "forcerefintoalias preston" and you are done.

    DISMISSING works in the same way, go in soneole and type "bat prestondismiss" and then write "emptyrefalias preston"

made an amazing and right in time console support for my mod! it will make my mod really easier and less time consuming for you all! kudos for him 
Unlimited Companions Console Support


Special thanks to psdupree12 for another review of my mod here in his video, check it out! : 

Thanks to Skyfallsmods for making a video where he shows my mod! Check this out! 

Vatiwah released a video showing my Mod aswell, Check this out aswell!