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Brand new, ultra-HD, scratch-made textures for the Assaultron (including P.A.M.)

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The Assaultron is one of the few robots in the game that hasn't received an HD re-texture mod yet.  And it's no wonder -- it has separate textures for each body part, as well all the tubing and machinery underneath the exterior armor plates, so this was quite a doozy to make.

I thought I'd give it a whirl for some fun practice, and the end result is my little gift to you.  I stayed very close to the original without taking much artistic liberty, save for a decal or two (such as the Robco/Military/Railroad logos on the lower-back panel.)

This covers all Assaultrons, including P.A.M.  It does not cover Assaultron Blades, but I may include that in an update if I find the time.

These are loose files in order to avoid requiring a plugin to load an archive.

Note: This does not cover Automatron DLC paint jobs, just the standard Assaultrons.


In the base game each of the Assaultron body part textures are 512px, making a full Assaultron roughly 2K when added up together.  The HIGH version of this mod makes each piece 2K, with 1k normals.  The MEDIUM version of this mod makes each piece 1K.  MEDIUM is probably best for regular gameplay, or if you're being VRAM-conscious.  The way the UV maps are laid out with all the internal machinery and tubing taking up a lot of space, these higher resolutions were required to make a difference.

Please note that this also contains BGSM material files, which were required to adjust a few things, as well as two meshes for the Assaultron hands, as the base game meshes were not properly pointing to a material file.


Tools Used:

- Substance Painter
- Adobe Photoshop