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Ever wanted to travel the Commonwealth as the hero of the Capital Wasteland? Well, now you can!

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So, this is my ATTEMPT at recreating the Lone Wanderer(Albert)'s image in FO4. Yes. I'm well aware it looks nothing like him. I really suck at making characters, but I figured it was decent enough to add to the nexus. Who knows? Some may like it. Please don't start spam my comments about how it looks nothing like him. This is only a preset until someone makes a much better version of the Lone Wanderer. Hopefully that'll happen soon. Until then...enjoy!

Required Mods:
*Looksmenu Customization Compendium

Recommended Mods:
*Real HD Face Textures 2K
*WX Hair Colors
*The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Edition
*Wasteland Vault Suit (MALE - FEMALE) (AE-AWKCR)
*Sava41's PipBoy Retexture