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Change your outfit automatically depending on the weather or action... A quality-of-life mod for immersion freaks

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If you're like me, you like to wear the appropriate outfit depending on the weather outside. Outfit Switcher by regi2k is the perfect mod for that. But since I'm a lazy guy, it got tedious to manually switch outfits and it took up a lot of hotkeys... not anymore !!

Wasteland Dress Code will automatically switch outfits depending on the weather or action that is taking place. No more getting unimmersed (is that a word?!) because you forget to switch outfit and no need to occupy precious hotkeys.

Weather/Action categories:
  • Sunny
  • Pleasant
  • Cloudy
  • Rainy
  • Foggy
  • Dusty
  • Radioactive (incl. The Glowing Sea)
  • Interiors
  • Combat

Outfit Switcher by registrator2000

Irrelevant !

This mod has NO hard dependencies. Everything gets handled via script and no existing objects are being overwritten.

  • Far Harbor DLC
  • True Storm (incl. the Far Harbor and Nuka World Addons)

These plugins are optional. If you (un-)install one of these after installing Wasteland Dress Code, just go to the 'Supported Plugins' section in the holotape options and select 'Rescan'.
Warning: It's not recommended to remove mods after installation, so think first...

You'll get a Settings Holotape when exiting Vault 111 (or starting a new game with Start Me Up)

  1. Configure you're Outfits with Outfit Switcher - go to the mod-page to see how it's done
  2. Select the weather type with the Wasteland Dress Code Holotape under 'Set Loadouts' and choose the outfit number to wear

You're done...

If you don't want to change on a certain weather type, just leave the section on [- NONE -]

  • Status: [ Enable / Disable ]
  • Notification: [ Enable / Disable ]
  • Priority: [ Actions / Weather ], switch outfit during weather changes in combat or not
  • Switch: [ During Transition / After Transition ]
  • Presets: A handful of predefined outfit-to-weather presets for lazy people. My favorite: The Camper
  • Cooldown Timer: Select time before switching back to previous outfit after combat
  • Supported Plugins: Shows supported mods and if they are installed
  • Uninstall: Why would you want to do that?!? o_O

At East Boston there is a skeleton with a letter and a little surprise... (in front of the RobCo Sales & Service Center if you're using Automatron DLC)

  • MCM Support
  • Add outfit change on dialogue
  • Support for Vivid Weathers
  • Support for NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth

registrator2000 for Outfit Switcher - Hotkey Loadouts
fadingsignal for True Storm - Wasteland Edition
joelflake for Vault 111 Exit Detector

Mods used in screenshot:
Dave's Poses, Eli's Armour Compendium, The Mercenary-Pack, Jackets and Coats of the Commonwealth