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This Mod adds in new FX sounds to most items in game. Theketzu kindly granted me access to use their files as well, meaning all of the sounds from FNV and F03 immersive pickup are back as well as some new sounds.

Permissions and credits
Immersive Pickup Sounds F04

Ever get tired of hearing the same generic pickup sounds over and over again well don't worry as this mod adds in 266 new sounds, many sounds have not been implemented properly yet as I will have to decide what to use but most base items now have there own sounds. While I was in the creation kit i noticed that virtually every misc item had no sound assigned to them or no custom sounds which to me was terrible so I had to do something about it. New sounds are  included for pills, misc metal, misc plastic, misc, water bottle, blood bags, crisp and many more. 

I will add in new ambient noises and sound markers for interior creation such as creaks,rumbling and background noises

TheKetzue Kindly allowed me to use his Immersive pickup sounds from FNV and F03 so credit goes to him for most sounds. 

Test the mod and see what sounds fit with what and leave a reply if you think certain ones don't match.

main       Immersive Pickup Sound 
Optional  AWKCR+UF4P+VIS-G+VIS-G Vanilla Weights plugins

Theketzu For most sounds 
ScarletStreak  for the optional plugin 

Donations:  I take cryptocurrency donations to keep me going 

BTC: 17KaGZTdTgAPe3Nz79RuQiH3rpZkLvjB5C
XRP: rPVMhWBsfF9iMXYj3aAzJVkPDTFNSyWdKy  Tag:  657674552
ETH: 0xb6ed25f9859b4f6489f2ee858aab3c49147d1170
DOGE: DGECQoBgTzmLQxHmTdfTi9riZPo39whZHh
ADA: DdzFFzCqrhsvimkcKCn5XmP98GQwdEmk6Erpe7F9hKHVzJWJ5yxnwFrQEgZZH8aQYvXazRXYpDNMNam7eJy3G5UucH9jTwkiCgeuTDQA

Other mods I am working on

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Immersive Scrap (Scrap re-adjustments)
Immersive Weight (all items will be given a realistic weight) 
More Ores (New mine-able ores such as Gold, Silver, Lead)
Upgraded Munitions (new mark 2 grenades, mines, mini nukes and missiles)
Huge Interior Additions
USS G Ford Carrier Mod
Accessible Rooftops 
Billboard Checkpoints 
Expanded Train Carriages 
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