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Kabuto:VR is an immersive Power Armor helmet replacement mod for 'Fallout 4 VR' which replaces the lackluster semi-transparent Power Armor HUD with a selection of fully enclosed helmets based on the games original helmet meshes - with a little "artistic license". Now includes optional P.A.F.A.S (Power Armor Frame Activation System) Module.

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This mod is primarily aimed at immersion seeking players. Be warned, just like a real helmet it will restrict your view and you will feel more enclosed.

Experience a different PA Helmet HUD for each of games Power Armor types which can be taken off / changed at any time or even destroyed in battle. Position the PA HUD to your liking in game and in real time using the all new Power Armor Configuration Holotape!

Activate the optional P.A.F.A.S (Power Armor Frame Activation System) Module to experience a more immersive way to enter / exit power armor frames.

For those players seeking a less immersive Power Armor experience I offer a basic installation option comprising of a selection of PA HUD replacements, including the original PA HUD with no transparency.  The basic install uses no scripts and does not include P.A.F.A.S.


1. Install via mod manager of your choice.

2. Complete the FOMOD wizard choosing the options you want to use.

3. Finalise your installation by following the instructions located in \Fallout 4 VR\Data\Kabuto_Readme.txt     (this step is very important)

P.A.F.A.S (Power Armor Frame Activation System) Module:

The P.A.F.A.S Module is disabled as default, to enable it, simply navigate to the 'PA Helmet Configuration' holotape and activate it from the terminal menu (recommended to do this while out of a power armor frame). It can be disabled at any time to restore original functionality.

  • Standing at the rear of a power armor frame & facing the fusion core insertion point, the player will now see the option to 'Open' a power armor frame instead of the standard 'Enter' prompt.
  • When a player 'Opens' a frame, the power armor frame opening animation will play.
  • When it is safe for the player to enter a frame the 'Open' prompt will change back to 'Enter' - At this point, press your activate button to enter the frame.
  • When a player enters a frame using this method the immersive exit sequence will be also be triggered upon the player exiting their PA frame.
  • You can still enter or interact with a PA frame 'normally' at any point by simply moving away from the fusion core insertion point. For example, by moving around to the front or sides of the PA frame.

Note: Rest assured that P.A.F.A.S does not use secondary activation prompts which are known to CTD Fallout 4 VR under certain conditions.

Change Log:

Version 3.0.2:
  • New unique dashes for Raider, T51 and X01 power armor helmets (T45/60 still share the original dash)
  • Improved T60 helmet inner
  • Improved PAFAS scripts so it now displays the 'Open' prompt much quicker
  • Improved PAFAS activation distance (you now don't need to be quite so close to the rear of the frame)
  • Added 'Overboss' power armor helmet from Nuka World

Version 3.0:
  • Added optional P.A.F.A.S sytem for entering / exiting Power Armor Frames
  • Fixed issues with helmets / hud casting shadows under certain conditions
Version 2.0:
  • Mod now has a FOMOD installer
  • Each Power Armor type now has a unique helmet model
  • Helmets can be unequipped (complete with transition & sound FX if player is wearing Power Armor)
  • Added helmet equip transition and sound FX if player is wearing power armor
  • Helmets are only shown for power armor with a helmet equipped
  • Helmet is no longer displayed once damage reaches zero,  instead just a basic HUD is displayed for game play reasons
  • In game menu for real time power armor helmet positioning and scaling

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And please do leave a comment in the comments section if you enjoy this mod or have any suggestions & feedback.