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A Vanilla Blueprint for the Slog settlement

Permissions and credits
The Slog is one of the easiest settlements to build for probably. It has lots of space, almost no height restriction and is very even. I wanted to retain a ramshackle feeling as well as still feel true to the slog, so I built this as small farming / trading hub.

Fallout 4 & DLC
Transfer Settlements

- 647 items exported
- 20 beds available
- top level can be used / transformed into a player home; also houses the Vault-tec settlement computer
- level 3 stores
- a shack for your workbench needs (has a terminal for turret & light control in it)
- Defense >100
- Should be fully powered
- Bunker Hill stop
- Features an optional open spot for IDEK's logistic station (Sim
settlements & IDEK's Logistic station required, item not exported in

Drop the contents of the file into you Fallout 4 folder. Rename the number of the folder contain within the
the blueprints folder to one of your liking if needed or wanted.

Regarding nuking: if you chose the "nuke everything in the settlement" option before installing, you will end up with a few missing items such as the tarberries in the pool. I'd recommend the regular option and then edit out anything not matching afterwards. This is because I did not scrapping and nuking *everything* in the settlement before I started to work on it.

Delete the .json file out of your TransferSettlements blueprints folder.

Other mods used for bug tracking and eye candy:
Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights
Better Junk Fences
Longer Power Lines
Place everywhere

SIFx (with sharpening toned down to 1.75)
Darker Nights