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A lightweight Vanilla Blueprint for the Kingsport Lighthouse settlement

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I always found the Kingsport settlement to be intriguing, yet also quite annoying to build. So in my current playthrough, I decided to do it a little better. It's still not a masterpiece by any means, but it does provide a nice little town blueprint. I took some inspiration and ideas from irrelevantposter's version, however the settlement is built from scratch.

Fallout 4 & DLC
Transfer Settlements

- 495 items exported
- 20 beds available
- Various level 2 & 3 stores
- Empty building atop the shoreline does house a few workbenches (with space for more)
- Power Armor station
- Defense >100
- Should be fully powered
- Bunker Hill stop
- Features an optional open spot for IDEK's logistic station (Sim settlements & IDEK's Logistic station required, item not exported in blueprint)

Drop the contents of the file into you Fallout 4 folder. Rename the number of the folder contain within the the blueprints folder to one of your liking if needed or wanted.

Regarding nuking: if you chose the "nuke everything in the settlement" option before installing, you will end up with a few missing items. I'd recommend the regular option and then edit out anything not matching afterwards. This is because I did not scrapping and nuking *everything* in the settlement before I started to work on it.

Delete the .json file out of your TransferSettlements blueprints folder.

Other mods used for bug tracking and eye candy:
Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights
Better Junk Fences
Longer Power Lines
Place Everywhere

SIFx (with sharpening toned down to 1.75)
Darker Nights