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Adds a very simple interior that you can build in just outside of the Railroad faction

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This mods adds a small cellar that has a functional interior workbench just outside of the railroad.

I made this mod to be used with immersive teleportation, but it will work fine for whatever else you can do with an interior workbench.

In survival mode you can build a teleporter at any minuteman settlement, the airport for the brotherhood of steel, and just teleport to the institute outright.

The railroad was the only faction that felt terrible to use in survival mode, so I added this small space so I can teleport to the railroad when doing all of those radiant quests...

In the future I may place a variation of this cellar in different locations around the map, places where it would be very convenient to be able to build a teleporter.

Feel free to offer suggestions, and please report any bugs so I can fix them.

This is my first mod of this nature, be warned.
The ground is also very uneven and the space is cramped, so don't expect to build some amazing home with it.