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Wilderness Bunker is a full settlement and interior bunker located just West of the Robotics Disposal Ground.

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Fallout 4 Mod: Wilderness Bunker
Version: 1.7.5
Author: SphereOfChaos
Wilderness Bunker is a full settlement and interior bunker located just West of the Robotics Disposal Ground.

Requirements: Far Harbor DLC

See Changelog for v1.7.5

Fully Navemeshed
LOD created (because of the elevation of the steep hill/cliff).  Probably was unnecessary but thought I'd do it anyway. Does not replace the whole Commonwealth LOD, just that Quad area.
Precombined and Previs geometry in the exterior was fully re-created for the two cells of the settlement and those cells surrounding it.
The interior has also been optimized with precombines and previs, as well as room bounds and portals.
Cleaned with FO4Edit
Settlers can be sent to settlement. This mod NEEDS to be started on a new game, otherwise you will start out with Settlement happiness at 20% and will have problems getting settlers, and other issues.
Tested with Transfer Settlements and works just fine. The only issue was with "Pass-through Coonectors". After importing my settlement items, and powering up, you have to go around to all the "pass-through" connections and select them on and off for the Workshop to recognize it as a power connection.  I will upload my Settlement Blueprint as an example. I'm not the best decorator, but it will give you something to start if you want.
One other issue is, if you have the "Settlement Ambush Kit" (Creation Club, I know, I know... :( ) is that if you import the two decoys from Transfer Settlements, it seems that I had to completely scrap them and re-build them, otherwise their switching feature seemed to be opposite of what they should be. (On is Off, Off is On). Weird.
Also added at least 5 or 6 enemy spawn heading markers, apart from the 4 edge markers (which are sometime also used as spawns, apparently).  This makes for a lot of fun with the Settlement Ambush Kit.
Existing lights in the settlement can be scrapped, and their corresponding light sources will also disappear.
Apart from the two main concrete buildings, most everything else is scrappable.  Don't worry about scrapping the bushes or large trees. These have custom scrap recipes and are also not part of the precombines, so will not cause performance issues.
Lastly, there are 4 Gunners and one attack dog that need to be eliminated before you can use the Workshop.  The key to the interior is on the Gunner named Steve.  NOTE: Get his inventory for sure, before 10 minutes is up, otherwise they will disappear (be disabled) in-game. If this DOES happen, there is an extra key somewhere under a floor foundation. :)



If you are using any kind of scrapping mod or are using this these settings under your Fallout4Custom.ini you WILL have these issues:
What you are doing is turning off the optimization of Fallout 4. This over time, will cause major issues, especially on older PC's.
This will cause framerate loss, weird void-like (White) artifacts and disappearing static objects in your game, and in some cases CTD's.

After building the somewhat large settlement items in-game, I still was able to get betweeen 45 and 60 frames a second. For comparison, these are my PC specs (it's a few years old, lol.):

  Operating System
   Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
   AMD FX-8320 81 °F
   Vishera 32nm Technology
   16.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 666MHz (9-9-9-24)
   MSI 970A-G43 (MS-7693) (CPU 1) 110 °F
   LG IPS FULLHD ([email protected])
   8000MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (EVGA) 88 °F
   119GB SanDisk SDSSDHP128G ATA Device (SATA (SSD)) 78 °F
   223GB SanDisk SDSSDXPS240G ATA Device (SATA (SSD)) 76 °F
   465GB Western Digital WDC WD5000AAKX-08U6AA0 ATA Device (SATA ) 85 °F
  Optical Drives
   Realtek High Definition Audio